July 3 , 2019

Information for "Free Wi-Fi Service" for hotel guests

<Main available area> 
Shin Yokohama Prince Hotel all rooms and hotel lobby Restaurant (※) · Banquet Bridal Salon 
※ Kijima (2F), not available in the board Furutono (B1F). 

<How to use> 
Turn on the TV in the room, select “W-iF password” on the menu screen, and confirm the password and access key. 
* If you are watching TV, press menu number on the remote control to display the menu screen. 
* Customers who use hotels other than those staying will need an access key, so please ask at the front desk. 

<Wi-Fi connection service standards> 
Conforms to IEEE802.11a / b / g / n standards. 
* Available on terminals that comply with Wi-Fi Alliance certification.